Before serving it should be stored in the fridge at least 12 hours at a 4 to 6 °C 

For the perfect beer, you need about 2.5–3 centimeter of 'head'. To get at this, start by pouring the beer into your perfect glass at a 45-degree angle. The beer should stream down the midpoint of the side of the glass, allowing it to aerate. This creates the "head".


Go in for the taste. Take your first sip. Don't swallow quite yet. Let it ruminate on your palate, wandering and exploring every taste bud.


How does it feel in your mouth? Now breathe out (this could change the taste as mucus gets released). Detect even the smallest flavors, like salty or sweetness.


Martha loves basil. You're good to go with anything pesto. Whip up a simple pasta dish with sautéed veggies, Swiss chard, and a pesto cream sauce.

Martha also loves shellfish, and shellfish loves basil. 

For something spicier, go with Thai dishes like spicy basil chicken.



Martha was born in the twenties in Heule, a small but picturesque little village in Belgium. Keen on beer, she developed a very unique premium blond recipe for her favorite brew.

Today her savoir-faire  &  tradition  are  very  much  alive  in  her  memory. Not only was she loved by all but she was sexy, crazy, happy, wild, busy and rough.


Let's toast to Martha with love!

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